• Top of the iceberg of a PhD research. Together with a custom build plotter named Chelonograph and its own interface svg2plot.

  • Construct axonometric projection space of almost any angle; c.f. Issue#9.

  • Manipulate geometries projected between orthogonal coordinate planes and an axonometric picture plane.

  • Export the drawing as a SVG file.

  • Animate the drawing constructions and save it as a GIF file. Tweak two compas variables to use this feature before the next release.

  • Meant to become a Python library. Or eventually a compas extension.

  • svg2plot TUI to convert the axonometries to gcode and send them via usb serial port to a xy-plotter grbl controller.

from chimera import Drawing
drawing = Drawing()
axonometry = drawing.add_axonometry_from_angles((30,30))